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Capabilities & Services

Texas Resource & Recovery is recognized as a diverse supplier that delivers a broad range of products, services, and solutions to the Energy, Government, Commercial and Industrial industries.  Texas RRCO is a small minority women-owned business held in San Antonio, Texas with 25 years of experience. We pride ourselves on ensuring customer satisfaction by providing superior service, quality products, and competitive prices.  Through its diversification, we can streamline your procurement process through our, extensive vendor base, and access to an international platform.  Other Value-Added: Processing, Asset Recovery, and Supply Chain Services. Texas Resource & Recovery specializes in Waste Management & Recycling, Steel Distribution, and Logistics.

Certifications & Registrations

  • Registered as Diamond E. Management, LLC dba Texas Resource & Recovery


  • Texas HUB, and Numerous State and Local registrations/certifications

  • SBA: Small Disadvantaged Business Self Certified | SDB

Key Vendors

  • Primary 

  • Other Suppliers

  • Other MRO

Key Customers: Gov't, State, Local and Prime Contractors

  • Government- Hisco Distributor Alliance Program (DAP)

  • Texas State Agencies and Higher Education Institutions

CMBL VID# 1810799829800 | HUB VID# 503621

  • Local Institutions- Cities, Counties, Primary Education, Hospital

  • Commercial- Construction, Oil Field, Manufacturing, Agricultural

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